From the Far East, across India and Turkey and through Europe arriving at London in December.

Our chefs will be preparing a delicious meal celebrating the food of our journey, with a glass of traditional drink on arrival at each stop.

How does it work?

Each person will collect their personal ticket on arrival, over the next ten months, we will be travelling to ten destinations. For every destination you visit, the Station Master will clip your ticket on arrival. Collect 3 clipped stamps for a £10 voucher, collect 6 for a complimentary bottle of wine or collect all 10 for a £30 voucher.

How to Book

Booking is simple, either select the button below to send us an email enquiry or telephone us on

01425 653388


Beijing, China – Friday 4th March

New Dehli, India – Friday 1st April

Istanbul, Turkey – Friday 6th May

Athens, Greece – Friday 10th June

Budapest, Hungary – Friday 1st July

Warsaw, Poland – Friday 5th August

Berlin, Germany – Friday 9th September

Rome, Italy – Friday 7th October

Paris, France – Friday 4th November

London, England – Friday 2nd December

STOP SIX on the gastronomic journey...

Warsaw, Poland on Friday 5th & Saturday 6th August

Join us for the sixth stop as we continue across Europe. This time, we are in Warsaw, Poland and our chefs will prepare some tasty local delights.

3-course meal £28 per person including a glass of traditional drink on arrival.

We have visited five stops so far on our journey, have a look at our photos and video below and see what our trips have been like.

The menus from our journey so far.